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N’AGBU. 2020.
(“bondage” in english.) a tale told in the tradition of Igbo folklore. narrated by a few voices of the many who have journeyed into the human world from the world of spirits. a telling of their adjustments to the new world, and how they came to understand the current state of the physical realm.

frequency: a glossary. 2020.
a visual glossary defining the terms "weather", "frequency", "oppositional Black gaze", "Black annotation", and "Black redaction", based on texts by christina sharpe, tina campt, and bell hooks.

 ritual (1). 2019.
footage by ligia carabarin-amiguet.
a beginning of an investigation into how Black healing practices can be reintegrated into artistic practice. it honours the importance of the somatic and its role in processing the trauma of living in a reality that violently invalidates, disrupts, and erases Black and Indigenous wisdom and being.